Ski and Snowboard Humor

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If you performed as web search for ski and snowboard jokes, over 10 pages would appear. The vast number of these jokes indicates one thing: Skiers and snowboarders are well aware of the absurdity of their lifestyles.

All sports have their related humor. Surfers, whose search for endless summer resembles the skier’s and rider’s quest for year-round powder are often the brunt of surf-bum jokes. The main difference is the cost involved in the skiing and snowboarding lifestyle. All sport-related gear and clothing is expensive, but few can compare with what’s involved in selecting a board or a pair of skis, boots and boot-fitting, poles helmets, goggles and clothing warm enough to prevent hypothermia while still allowing freedom of movement. If you choose to live in a ski town, housing will never be cheap, and you will rarely earn enough to support your way of life.

“How do you tell a ski instructor from a pizza?”

A pizza can feed a family of four!

Still, people do it, and somehow survive, and it’s not just uneducated high school drop outs. Many a high-earning baby boomer suddenly decides to give it all up, and decides to move to a ski town and enjoy life as a ski bum. Those of us who do it know that it’s insane, but the lifestyle offers such deep satisfaction that we prevail. Humor is simply a way of acknowledging to the rest of the world that we understand the craziness of our choices.

Ski and snowboard humor comes in different forms:

  • Making fun of ski instructors: How many ski instructors does it take to screw in a light bulb? Eight. One to screw it in, and seven to yell  “nice turns.”
  • Making fun of snowboard instructors: What’s the difference between a snowboard instructor and a novice? One week.
  • Making fun of snowboarders: What do you call a snowboarder without a girlfriend? Homeless.
  • Making fun of skiers: What’s the difference between God and a ski instructor? God does not think he’s a ski instructor.
  • Making fun of gapers and newbies
  • Making fun of wipeouts

Ski filmmaker specialized in the last two categories. He usually used video, rather than the written word, as a mode of expression, but his autobiography is pretty darn funny. While Miller is now a wealthy man, in his early days, he lived out of his van and stole ketchup from the ski cafeterias to make his own for of soup.

In this video,  Miller pokes fun of some novice skiers:

And here’s a video about some exciting wipeouts and bloopers. Check out the awesome theme song!














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